Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'd Vote For This Guy

I used to live on Staten Island in New York and if you're a Republican there you're one tough son of a gun and this guy proves it. This is supposed to be some comedy show but I respect this guy for saying what he needs to say. I'd seriously give him a thought if he ran for President. Good for him for saying what he really thinks to these liberal crazies.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Wins the Nobel 'All About Politics' Prize

It's sad when the Nobel Peace Prize turns into something as useless as the Oscars. Alfred Nobel himself said that the award was for improving the condition of humankind. Al Gore preaches the religion of the carbon footprint and yet owns a mansion that sucks energy like no tomorrow(which by the way I have nothing against. He's just a hypocrite). So Gore makes a Hollywood scarefest called A Convenient Lie - For The Benefit Of Make Me Popular Activist(Borat fans will laugh at that) and says that our world is coming to it's end because we as human beings can destroy this earth so easily as to live in a free market society. Gore did NOTHING to improve our way of life. In fact, he's definitely hurting American lives with his socialist intentions. Good job Nobel Committee. You don't seem so smart anymore.