Monday, February 11, 2008

Interviewers Should Have To Answer Questions Too

I was thinking about a scenario of myself being interviewed by some liberal swine who asks this question:

Interviewer: 'Do you support waterboarding?'
Me: 'Sure I do. Do you?'
Interviewer: 'This interview isn't about me, it's about you.'
Me: 'Well since you don't have an opinion about anything I'll say very proudly that I support torture of non-nationalized terrorists if I could save American lives.'
Interviewer: 'So you agree that waterboarding is torture?'
Me: 'Of course not. Do you think it's torture?'
Interviewer: 'My opinion is not what matters here'
Me: 'Well if your opinion doesn't matter then why am I here? But to go back to your question, imagine that in the movie Braveheart instead of Mr. Gibson having his intestines slowly being ripped out in the end, he had some water poured up his nose. He then gurgles 'FREEgurglegurgleDOM!!!!' Do you think that would have been as great a movie as it was? Of course not. If the opponent to Scottish freedom had proclaimed one day that, 'Instead of stretching people out and ripping their guts to pieces, we're going to pour water up their noses until they proclaim that we are right!' that they would have been taken remotely serious? Have you forgotten that these people, and I mean terrorists, want to kill every single freedom loving American? Of course you have interviewer. Or else you would have an opinion and wouldn't be interviewing me mister interviewer.'
Interviewer: 'Um, thank you for joining us today. Barbara is going to talk about the American economy now'
Me: 'In a negative light of course...'

And then they cut me off.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This Is The Truth

This is for all of you that voted for a Democrat or John McCain.

Politically Incorrect Sign - Watch more free videos

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

Super Tuesday tomorrow folks. Get out there and vote!!!