Friday, November 7, 2008

26 Million Votes Unaccounted For

The latest report from CNN states that 148 million people voted in this election and yet only 122 million votes were counted.

26 million votes have been unaccounted for. No one has yet to explain this. I would like to hear an explanation.

Some Thoughts

A few thoughts:

People in California rioted today because they were upset that their fellow citizen banned gay marriage. Boohoo.

Reverend Wright is now blaming the media for distancing himself with Obama. What about your racist comments Mr. Wright? Could they have in any way distanced you from the President?

Experts are looking towards an average of 8% unemployment into Obama's Presidency. Way to go voter. You sure made the smartest decision ever voting in a socialist.

You will suffer for it and so will your children. If you're proud now you won't be in four years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ronald Reagan's "A Time For Choosing" Speech

This is an incredible speech that Reagan delivered over 40 years ago. It's amazing how little liberals in the government have learned and how they haven't changed at all. Reagan says in this speech what will happen under an Obama presidency. It's very prophetic.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Help Us If Obama Is Elected Preisdent

One of the profound things that my parents taught me growing up was to pray about everything. School tests, whether you're going to catch that big fish, and presidential elections. Now whether or not God is going to grant you that wish is another story. Whatever the results are, God has a plan.

This is what I have to remember today.

God help us should a far left leaning socialist get into office and nominate three or four liberal left wing judges on the Supreme Court.

God help us and our mothers when he legalizes infanticide all in the support and protection of his own religion: Abortion.

God help us when he sits down with his terrorist friends and laughs at how he tricked this country into voting for him.

God help us if Obama is elected President.

Good luck everyone. I'll see you tomorrow...