Thursday, November 15, 2007

Zeitgeist The Movie: Crapfestapalooza

I recently had a friend write me and say it was important for me to watch this movie. He's a hardcore conspiracy theorist and loves to challenge me to myth vs. fact duels. I watched it and here goes:

Zeitgeist is really three loosely related films packaged into one two hour conspiracy extravaganza. The 3 basic plots are:

1. Jesus was not a real person, and the story of his life is plagiarized from previous pagan religions.

2. The World Trade Center was destroyed by the US Government using planes and controlled demolition explosives planted beforehand.

3. The world’s central banks are a scam perpetuated by bankers to enrich themselves.

Just from the first part I would think anyone who believes in Jesus and knows the real Biblical story would be skeptical of the second two. Thank you Da Vinci Code for making this stupid myth popular. The second part is a copy of the movie Loose Change which was the first 9/11 crapspiracy movie. Zeitgeist even has put in some of Loose Change's footage. The debunking of this and other myths about the 9/11 conspiracy are here:

The third part is also for morons who will believe anything. This legend of the shady bankers myth has been perpetrated for more than 200 years and isn't new. It's spread by people who don't understand the value of the free market system and who think that all corporations have a guy in a bunker 20 floors below sea level somehow pulling all the strings and laughing maniacally while licking his greasy money-grubbing fingers.

There are no credits to the movie and the sources they give have no page numbers and make for useless references. They would get a D in English at best for trying to write this story in English class.