Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Be Proud Conservatives!

I don't know if anybody else notices this but doesn't it always seem like the liberals are the ones putting 100 crazy liberal bumper stickers on their cars or a dozen yard signs exclaiming their candidate of choice? I live in a very red state at the moment and it's always funny to me when I see an Obama/Biden sticker. About half of us voting for McCain could stay at home on election day and we would still bring home the win.

So what is it? I would assert that since liberals see liberal media EVERYWHERE they think that everyone else must think the same way. What they don't realize is that liberals are usually brain dead morons who live and breath CNN, ABC, and NBC. They couldn't see bias if it hit them with a two by four.

Since Conservatives have a foundation of black and white morals we don't need the media to sway our vote one way or another. We use actual knowledge and facts rather than emotions or party to determine who we vote for. We stand strong in knowing that we are Conservative first and our party, whomever they may be, comes second.

Regardless of who puts up more paraphernalia regarding their candidate, be proud to be a Conservative! Buy one of our new bumper stickers(top left) and let's show the liberals who's boss!


WomanHonorThyself said...

heck yea! the pride!:)

Anonymous said...

Shove your fucking pride you stupid bitch. Woman is put on this earth to bear the child and suffer through the birth, because shes the one who fucked up and got adam thrown out of eden.

Anonymous said...

Odd... In the bible it says adam was there while the snake was tempting eve, and yet he went along with everything.

Matthew Phillips said...

There you have it my friends. The mind of a liberal. 'Nuff said.