Monday, September 15, 2008

Things To Remember During A Federal Election

One thing you'll learn when getting close to a federal election is that arguing with a liberal is like arguing with a really smart moose(and moose are REALLY dumb). Ironically our VP pick is quite talented in field dressing those majestic animals.

The second thing you'll learn is that Roe vs. Wade, i.e. abortion on demand, is more important to many Democrats than actually saving the lives of innocent infants. For Obama it's quite clearly stated because he was the only senator opposing the Born Alive Act. You see, if Obama had to choose between saving thousands of infants, or losing Roe vs. Wade, he would probably kill the children himself just to make a point. All of the innocents that fall by the wayside and all of the silent screams we never hear are just casualties of war to him. Sickening.

The third thing is that you will see the incredible bias in the media. It's funny how the media even tries to hide it.

The fourth thing is the incredulous look when the media actually observes the sea of red states. They can't believe that after all of the mud-slinging they threw towards the Republicans, that anyone would actually vote for one.

What's important for us to remember is that we actually have black and white values. Liberals don't. Don't let them fool you with high rhetoric in which Obama is a master of. Be proud to be a Conservative. Be proud to be different than what the media wants you to be. Be proud of your faith. Be proud of your morals. Our morals are what truly differentiate us from them.

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