Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin Nearly Beats Obama in Viewership

Palin pulled in 37.2 million viewers across broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen Media Research.

That's 55% higher than Day 3 of the DNC, when her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, and President Clinton took the stage (24 million).

It's also up a sharp 99% from the Republican convention's third day in 2004 (18.7 million) and easily bests the numbers viewers attracted by George W. Bush when he accepted the nomination (27.6 million). In fact, it came close to upsetting Obama's address last Thursday(38.4 million)

Here's the best part. Obama's speech was carried on 10 networks whereas Palin's was only carried on 6(no bias in the media?). So if I do my math right, Palin could have had 62 million viewers with 10 networks covering her speech.

Yeah yeah I know the number is high but don't discredit the impact this will have for the betterment of the McCain/Palin ticket. I'll have McCain numbers tomorrow.

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