Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Stock Market And Blame

The big news still is the stock market plunge from yesterday. Let's put a few things in perspective.

The most important thing that any thinking American will realize is that Obama is going to pounce on this like a fat kid on Jello. He's going to blame Bush and only Bush. He's going to then try and align McCain with Bush as he's been trying to do all along. Of course he won't point out the Democratic Congress and their shortcomings nor will he point out the incredible gains we've made under Bush's administration.

McCain is going to tell us that everything is essentially okay. Which is true.

But what is most important to remember is what caused this to happen:


Everything that you are seeing happen in the stock market is because of a liberal mindset. If the government would get out of the way and stop promoting a welfare state then we wouldn't see this happen. If the government would go back to a conservative mindset of getting what you deserve and not bailing everyone out, then we wouldn't have this problem.

I'm actually quite happy with the results from yesterday. It's a perfect reminder of what happens down the road when idiot presidents like Clinton tried with all their might to make us a socialist society. It's also the perfect reminder that Obama has NO experience to do anything about these types of scenarios.


I have friends who think that the Clinton times were great because (a) They are biased and (b) They have no idea how much welfare was given out during those times. Clinton knew that we wouldn't suffer until the next presidential term. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

Social security is a great example of suffering down the road. It is a socialist idea controlled by the government and has it worked out? NO! We've bankrupted social security and I don't want to hear anyone say Bush didn't do anything about that because that has been one of his strongest platforms.

Just wait until we bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid. Who will the blame fall on then? It should fall on liberal socialists but the media will blame it on Republicans regardless of who is in office.

Let's not forget that the President has very little to do with the economy. Let's not forget that the Democratic Congress has more power over that. Let's not forget that they have FAILED at EVERYTHING because they do NOTHING. They WANT us to suffer right now. Idiots.

By the way, the stock market is up 130 points today. Anyone see that in the news?


Anonymous said...

I like how you basically call Obama the next hitler. Despite the fact that president bush has repeatedly said quote: "This would be easier if it were a communist country, and I was a dictator." My question to you is, why the ignorance? All you so-called political parties are wrong. What we need is not what these men, including you, say we need. The stock market needs to crash so that we can be reminded of whats important, and that is not government. You support Iraqi Freedom, yet I support freedom. All your president wants to do is enslave the world, Obama is the only one who even remotely understands. McCain is old and senile and Bush has already wounded this country beyond repair. Oh and one last thing, get cancer. Get cancer and die so everyone can go on living without peices of shit like you infecting the next generation with your bullshit.
From Anonymous. AKA your greatest fear.

Matthew Phillips said...

There you have it my friends. The mind of a liberal. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous needs to learn how to spell "pieces". If the stock market crashed and he lost his welfare check (or job if he has one) then he'd really love his freedom . . .