Friday, September 12, 2008

Thoughts 9/12/08

Where do I draw the line when it comes to voting for our nation's leader?

For some conservatives it was hard to swallow the fact that McCain had been nominated. That is, until Obama was nominated. Then it became much easier. Here are some pretty easy reasons why NOT to vote Obama:

1. Obama supports infanticide. Let me define infanticide for some of you who don't know the difference between that and abortion. You see, infanticide is when a baby lives through an abortion and the doctors STILL let it die. There has been a bill passed called the Born Alive Act that now makes it illegal for babies to be left in storage rooms to die if they live through an abortion. The Act states that once outside of the womb, the child has the same rights of protection as you and I(pretty amazing that that same child can be murdered without consequence while still inside the womb just minutes before though huh?). Obama was the ONLY senator to speak against this bill claiming that it would infringe on the rights of a woman to have an abortion.

I could stop there. But I won't because some people's hatred of Bush supersedes their moral ability to not vote for a candidate who doesn't value an unborn child's life.

2. Obama is friends with a terrorist. His name is William Ayers. William Ayers admits and is openly proud of bombing the Pentagon. He also states that he did not do enough when he had the chance.

If you STILL want to vote for this guy after that then here's one more.

3. Under Obama's health plan it will be ILLEGAL for you to pay for your own healthcare. For instance, if you did not want to wait in the now unbelievably long lines that socialist healthcare will create, you would not be able to go to a doctor and pay him with your own money. The government is the only entity that would determine whether or not you should (a) Be eligible for that procedure at all and (b) When you are entitled to be seen by a doctor. No more competition. No more free will for doctors. The government is now in charge of your health. When was the last time government regulation did anything good for you?

My wife and I bought a health insurance plan yesterday for us and our baby. It costs 3 times as cheap as what my work had to offer and it offered more! Complain all you want about health insurance but it really isn't that bad. You know why? COMPETITION!!! Here's the UNBELIEVABLE crazy fact. Under Obama's plan I will pay MORE in taxes for mine and other people's healthcare than I am now just paying for my families. And under Obama's plan I can't choose when to visit a doctor because I'll have to wait for a bureaucrat to give me the go ahead!

As a side note if anyone wants the website we shopped at let me know and I'll hook you up!

I can understand not voting for Obama because of the above reasons. I can even understand not voting for McCain because you're a hard-up Democrat who can't swallow a bitter pill. But voting for a guy who supports infanticide, is friends with terrorists, and makes it illegal for you to pay for your own healthcare is just lunacy.

If you do decide to vote for him, do this. Close your eyes, make believe what I just said never happened, and go live in a blissful world of ignorance until you're woken up by another terrorist attack because your new messiah wanted to 'talk it out' with Achmadinijad.


Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely sad for you dog. Going through life with so much hatred and vitriol must be a miserable existence. I'd actually debate your/the republican party's talking points that you posted, but I think we both know you won't listen to anything I have to say. I'm sure reading this probably pisses you off but don't worry - you can go watch Fox News for a little bit, then rub one out while you think of Ann Coulter (or Bill O'Reilly if that's your thing) , then listen to Rush for a while and it will all be good. Peace.

Matthew Phillips said...

It's funny how liberals say they're sad for me but they never actually debate what I've just written. It's because you CAN'T.

You're a bunch of moronic fools who think degrading me is an answer to my articles.

Try again idiot.

Anonymous said...

Translation on the first comment:
"I can't attack the position, so I'll attack the person."