Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oil Price Drops And No One Talks?

Here's some news you're not going to get anywhere else(most likely). I'm browsing the uber-liberal website of the NY Times and find a a very positive article for once. It was entitled "Oil Slips Near $100 A Barrel". I bookmarked the page so that I could come back to it later and give you my genius insightful thoughts. When I did come back to it the article had had it's name changed EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE SAME ARTICLE! The new title was "Oil Companies Brace for a 2nd Blow". I guess the Times had decided they had made an uber-mistake by giving a positive light to this specific headline because it paints Republicans in a good light. What do I mean by this? Good question.

You see, on July 11(exactly two months ago) oil had hit $147 a barrel. On July 14 President Bush lifted the offshore ban on drilling giving the Dems in Congress a chance to help us out. On that exact day oil began what is the LARGEST drop in price in U.S. history. Today oil is down to $100 a barrel.

Don't want to give credit to Bush for at least TRYING to make your lives easier? Well you sure can't give the Democrats credit for anything because the only thing they did was stall any voting and then went on vacation while you and I and Joe Blow suffer through more high gas prices. Thanks Democrats in Congress! You're a real peach! No wonder your approval rating is 18%(almost as low as Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi's IQ).

So up until now there is no news that oil is down to $100 a barrel. The reason obviously being that in order for the press to give you good news it would only push McCain further ahead in the polls.

It's easy to find a story ridiculing the nation. But when you get lucky enough to see an NY Times author mess up and give us a positive headline, it's priceless.

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