Friday, September 19, 2008

Journalism is Dead

Day after day goes by in this election cycle and it grows more and more absurd at how insane the media has become over their Obama worship. I think that Obama could say almost anything at this point and the media would give him a pass. This man is talented in getting votes but is by far the worst candidate to run for President in our history.

From Rezco, to dirty Chicago politics, to infanticide, to raising taxes on EVERYBODY, to raising spending by a trillion dollars. But let's not stop there. He himself said back in '04 that he wouldn't be running for President because he lacked the experience and knowledge that it would take. His own vice-presidential pick echoed his statements saying that this wasn't a learn as you go job. Isn't it amazing what libs get away with? If this had been McCain the media would never have let up on him. But do you ever hear these statements echoed anywhere in the media?

Let's keep going. His closest circle consists of terrorists, racist preachers, and chicago mobsters. His economic advisers were the same guys who ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground! Bet you won't hear that anywhere in the media.

He hasn't done a single thing in his political career except vote present more than 130 times in the Senate and start his presidential campaign as soon as he was voted as a Congressman.

He talks about change and hope and he says 'Yes we can!' a lot even though he told his speech-writers when they wrote that phrase that he thought it was idiotic.

Unbelievable. The media isn't going to give you any information on Obama so you're going to have to do the legwork yourself. Obama will run this country into the ground like his economic advisers ran their businesses into the ground all the while profiting more than 90 million dollars from the fallout.

I want to pound my head into a wall every time a liberal makes fun of me for listening to conservative talk shows or reading conservative material. THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE TELLING THE TRUTH! The difference between so-called 'journalism' and conservative talk shows is that only one is going to admit what side of the fence they're on. Journalism is supposed to report news in a fair and balanced manner, not give opinion or hide the facts about Obama. CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS are no longer outlets of journalism. They are outlets of liberal opinion and lies. If they were to admit their bias then the stupid American voter could at least see where they were coming from rather than accepting it as hard-fact journalism.

These same libs who make fun of conservatism are the same people that send me death threats on this website. Yesterday I had a guy tell me he wishes he could inject me with cancer so that I would die a painful death.

These are the people voting for Obama. If you still can't see past Obama mania then wake up and at least try to do the research. You'll have to because journalism is dead.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Respectfully, journalism isn't dead.

But political and cultural journalism, as practiced by the very wrongly named mainstream news media, print and broadcast -- the ones who are shills for Barack Obama -- does seem to be.

Actually, it died some years ago, but it's just taken this long for most people to fully smell the corpse's stench and see its putrefaction.

Until those masquerading as journalists there are gone, as well as the current faculties of most so-called J schools are also gone, we're stuck with a press that appears to be the enemy of free speech and, hence, the people.

Who'll replace them in the meanwhile?

Not sure. But certainly the blogospere -- or, at least, some parts of the blogosphere -- will be part of the solution.

CT said...

CKA, you know I agree with you 99.9% of the time. But journalism as you and knew it is in fact dead as roadkill. Here is a new term, not sure if I am the first to use it, we need to start calling it, "journeditorialism." Because that is what it amounts to these days.