Thursday, September 11, 2008

How This Day Defined Me

Today is one of those days that is different for me. It's one of those emotional days that I remember back seven years ago and can visualize the exact moment I found out about the attacks. This day changed my life in many ways.

It made me a true Conservative.

It made me realize there are real differences between the two main political parties.

It made me realize that regardless of what a man does for his country, regardless of how he keeps it safe, people on the other side would rather see this war lost than see our President win.

I saw true hatred.

I saw real sorrow.

This day created real heroes. Not just on that day, but in the fight overseas. Every soldier who enlists and bleeds and sweats and loves this country is a hero.

I saw the greatest evil of our time, Islamic-Nazi terrorism.

I saw these terrorists kill more than 3000 Americans.

This day defined much of who I am because I saw true leadership from a President.

I saw a President protect us for the past seven years. I saw him fight for our protections while the Democrats only wanted to wave the white flag of defeat. It made me proud to have voted for him.

You'll hear a lot of noise and garbage today. You'll hear people like Keith Olbermann say that McCain supports Osama Bin Laden. You'll hear the conspiracies. What will be the most deafening noise will be the silence from the President's opponents. You'll never hear them say he did anything good for us.

I will never forget. I will remember that we haven't been attacked in seven years. And I don't need the left-wing media's silence to remind me.

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